Helicopter UH-1H 68-16298

Information on U.S. Army helicopter UH-1H tail number 68-16298
The Army purchased this helicopter 0969
Total flight hours at this point: 00000612
Date: 04/11/70
Unit: 61 AHC
This was a Combat incident. This helicopter was LOSS TO INVENTORY
for Troop Extraction , Hot Area.
While in PickUp Zone this helicopter was on the Ground at 0000 feet and 000 knots.
South Vietnam
UTM grid coordinates: BR860725
Helicopter took 1 hits from:
Explosive Weapon; Non-Artillery launched or static weapons containing explosive charges. (60MMRPG)
causing an Explosion.
Systems damaged were: FUEL SYS, PERSONNEL
Casualties = 04 WIA, 01 INJ . .
Aircraft Destroyed.
Both mission and flight capability were terminated.
Original source(s) and document(s) from which the incident was created or updated: Defense Intelligence Agency Helicopter Loss database. Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center Helicopter database. Also: OPERA, LNNF, CASRP, FM385, CRAFX, JSIDR (Operations Report. Lindenmuth New Format Data Base. Joint Services Incident Damage Report. Crash Facts Message. Casualty Report. )
Loss to Inventory

The following is Goldbook information on US Army helicopter UH-1H tail number 68-16298
It is provided here as an ESTIMATE of the history of this helicopter and is not intended to be the final authority.
This helicopter was purchased by the US Army in 0969.
Please provide any additional information on this helicopter to the VHPA.

DATE  FLT HRS    UIC      UNIT          AREA          POST          COUNTRY
6909   0    0 W0Y6AA INTRANSIT        IN TRANSIT                  AVCOMCTR
6910   0    0 3300   HHD 44 ENG GP    THAILAND                    PACIFIC
6911 145  145 WAYPAA 61 ASLT HEL CO   VIETNAM                     RVN
6912  51  196 WAYPAA 61 ASLT HEL CO   VIETNAM                     RVN
7001 111  307 WAYPAA 61 ASLT HEL CO   VIETNAM                     RVN
7002 138  445 WAYPAA 61 ASLT HEL CO   VIETNAM                     RVN
7003 167  612 WAYPAA 61 ASLT HEL CO   VIETNAM                     RVN

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