Welcome to the 61st AHC and attached Detachments Website

Dedicated to the men of the 61st AHC, 616th Transportation, 922nd Signal, 193rd Medical Detachments, 364th Aviation Support Detachment (ATC), and our brother aviators and crews whose lives were lost for our country and Allied Forces.




8th Annual Iowa Corn Field

15th-18th of September,2016, held in College Springs, Iowa

(Call Mike Zogleman 712-310-4151)Bring family since a large gathering of spouces, etc.

Vegas Gathering of 173rd Airborne LRRP/Rangers/"Huey" Companies

12th-16th of September,2016, held at Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV

(Call "Twin" Hendrson 360-393-7790)

Veterans Day - 61st AHC Brick Dedication at Fort Rucker, AL on 11 November 2016

Member bricks will be grouped under 61st Assualt Helicopter Company brick. For more information and the applicaiton link, see below or call (406)777-1040

Army Aviation Museum - 61st AHC Brick Dedication

61st AHC and Detachments bricks are now be put aside for a dedication in fall 2016 (the Header Brick and 2 individuals so far) Dates will be Veterans Day, 11 Nov 2016. Using the application below you may buy a brick for yourself or a friend. Proceeds go to the Museum Foundation. i.e. Twenty bricks would contribute about $3,000 to the Foundation.

61st AHC Brick Application

Please call Gordon Wax (406-777-1040) for more information or comments.